National Urban League Incentive To Excel and Succeed

National Urban League Incentive To Excel and Succeed (NULITES) is a national program offered in over 26 states and the District of Columbia serving an estimated 5,000 young people. It is designed to reflect the positive aspects of youth in today's society related to academic achievement, community service, and leadership.

NULITES participants benefit from college/career counseling and attend educational seminars but they definitely don't sit still. Participants take college tours, go on field trips and even occasional visits to amusement parks and museums. In addition, they receive opportunities to earn awards and attend the annual NULITES leadership summit, located in an Urban League city.

The program is available to North High students by calling 973-6242 or e-mailing William Vann, and Southeast High students by calling 973-2746 or e-mailing Kareem Collins.