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Election Day



National Voter Registration Day

September 28, 2021

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From the National Urban League: Why Registering to Vote Matters

Despite the pandemic, the 2020 Presidential election saw the greatest increases in voting across all groups thanks to nontraditional voting measures that allowed people to vote early and by mail, which is safer, secure, and more convenient. Though the racial voter gap narrowed in 2020, states who seek to repeal the voting laws that helped to narrow the gaps threaten to widen the gap. 


Voting rights laws that restrict ballot access make voting disproportionately more difficult for Black voters and voters of color. Many of us who work multiple jobs or have work schedules that make it harder to vote during the day relied on voting by mail and early voting. Caretakers for the sick and elderly also relied on early voting to help their loved ones vote. Early and mail-in voting makes it easier for everyone to vote. 

While organizations like the National Urban League fight to protect our right to vote, you can do our part by registering and voting in state and local elections.

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