The League

The Urban League of Kansas (ULK) is a non-profit agency located in Wichita, Kansas. Our physical address is 2418 E. 9th St. North. We are proud to serve the entire state of Kansas.

The ULK offers programs in Housing, Education, and Workforce development.

The housing center offers landlord-tenant and housing law counseling, as well as, classes on home-buying, credit, financing and refinancing.

Education programs like NULITES (National Urban League Incentive To Excel and Succeed) are designed to stimulate young minds from underprivileged backgrounds.
The workforce center provides minimal and no-cost job training to empower low-income individuals and help them become self-sufficient.

Our Vision is to become the premiere community organization in the state of Kansas. Through economic development, financial independence and the ability to serve a diverse population, we will establish the Urban League of Kansas as a key community participant.

Our Mission to facilitate economic self-reliance and an improved quality of life for Urban League of Kansas clients through education, empowerment and self-respect.

Our Business Philosophy is to be an economic development engine that uses partnerships to create economic opportunities for all Kansans.

Our Strategic Vision

In pursuing our mission, we use three strategies:

  • Education: Ensure that youth are well educated and equipped for economic self-reliance.
  • Workforce Development: Assist people in achieving financial independence through employment and training.
  • Housing and Economic Development: Encourage people to seek out resources, be self-sufficient and improve their own standard of living.