Do You Want To Live Or Die?

Gang Prevention Program

Gangs exist in almost every school and neighborhood in our community. Someone you know may be exposed to real pressure to enter gang life. Youth involved in gang activity will eventually fall prey to one or all of the following: Jail time, drug abuse, or death.

Through partnerships with Wichita police and community leaders, David Gilkey provides youth with a first-hand account of the consequences of gang life. David is not afraid to share his personal story of incarceration and substance abuse. He currently has over eight years sobriety and has committed his life to preventing youth from entering gang life, the world of drugs, and the penal system.

In the DYWTLOD program, David presents adolescents with alternative paths emphasizing education and positive role models. The goal of DYWTLOD is to steer our youth on to roads that lead to graduation, career opportunities and a successful future.

David Gilkey currently mentors students in six area high schools, two middle schools and one elementary school. His goal is to change the lives of young men who are headed toward gang life, drugs and incarceration. For more information call the Urban League Community Learning Center at (316) 683-3315 or e-mail David Gilkey.